Rohit Manglik featured on the knowledge review

Rohit Manglik’s thoughts featured on The Knowledge Review

It requires all sweat and blood to sustain an empire. And building one out of nothing is even more difficult. However, patience and perseverance make all things attainable.

Rohit Manglik, the founder-cum-CEO of EduGorilla perfectly justifies the above statements. Born and brought up in a small city like Farrukhabad, Rohit has drastically changed the landscape of the Indian educational system. Ha always had a passion for education and wanted to do something to solve the burgeoning issues crippling the academic system. He envisioned a world where all the stakeholders of education would come together on a single platform, foster a healthy dialogue among one another and work in harmony.

This prompted him to come up with an EdTech startup that would help, counsel and guide the students and save them from getting lost in the web of careers. And he coined a perfect name for this dream venture – EduGorilla. According to Rohit Manglik, gorillas are a personification of power, the power one might need to bring about a change. As he wanted to change the ecosystem of the system, he made it wear a scholar’s cap.

Today, EduGorilla is one of the leading marketplaces of India and a successful business entity bridging the gap between the educationists and students. So far, the organization has profiled more than 57,000 coaching institutes and 8,00,000 plus schools in its directory. Its marketplace is abuzz with a detailed analysis of more than 200 career streams and 74,000+ study material.

Rohit’s undying efforts and his contribution to the national education system has earned him numerous recognitions from various reputed organizations. He has attended many national and international conclaves and got featured in many leading newspapers and magazines. Rohit believes that no matter what the situation turns out to be or how difficult things get, one should leave one’s passion or lose hope. Strong will power will always lead you to success in life.

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