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There was a time when the use of technology in education was confined to computer labs, plasma screens, and projectors. However, times today have changed. The advent of various applications has led to the evolution of teaching processes and made them learner-centric explorations from mere teacher-directed monologues. Educational institutions these days are increasingly relying on technologies like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to achieve better outcomes in learning.

And Rohit Manglik is one of those who grabbed this opportunity and made the most of it. An alumnus of NIT Surathkal and a former employee of Morgan Stanley, Oracle, and DE Shaw, Rohit has taken the front foot for revamping the conventional face of education and leveraging it with modern technological aids. He came up with a revolutionary idea of launching an EdTech startup catering to the educational adversities and needs of students and offer a one-stop solution to them.

This is how EduGorilla came into being. Donning a scholar’s cap, EduGorilla guides students in their career decisions, preparation of their job interview, and various other concerns. Be it locating a school or college, or searching reviews for a coaching institute, Rohit’s EdTech portal offers all. Once, you login into EduGorilla all your career and education-related needs will vaporize.

For Rohit, EduGorilla represents the liberty that his users enjoy, the liberty to choose among the diverse study material and a plethora of competent educational institutions. He put in all his sweat and blood in making his venture a successful one. His untiring efforts have fetched him a citable repute in the business and educational world. As a person, Rohit is a music lover, an avid reader, and a good writer. He often pens down his thoughts on issues like education, business, and entrepreneurship among many others. Read the full article of Rohit Manglik on Sooperarticles here.

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