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Rohit Manglik’s Writings Got Featured On GoodReads

Rohit Manglik, the man behind EduGorilla, is an enthusiast, a tech-savvy, an avid reader, and a dynamic entrepreneur. He envisions a futuristic world where the conventional methods of education are scrapped and modern technological aids like AI & MR have taken the front foot.

According to Rohit Manglik, these days educational institutions are increasingly relying on technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to improve learning outcomes. Traditionally, the usage of technology in education was confined to a computer lab setup, introduction of projectors or plasma screens, among others. However, with the advent of various free applications, teaching processes are fast evolving from teacher-directed monologues to learner-centric explorations.

Rohit had a close confrontation with the problems that are inherent in the Indian educational system and need to be resolved. He found a huge void in the academic system and a disconnect between the different stakeholders of education. And as he always had a passion for education, he yearned to fill that gap. His business venture, EduGorilla acts as a patch trying to fill that void.

Rohit believes that students are the roots of the education system and need to be cherished. His business venture, EduGorilla waters the same. “EduGorilla represents the liberty that our users enjoy. It is the liberty to choose the best among the plethora of coaching centers, schools, colleges, and the diverse study material. Bearing testimony to this fact is the statistics- more than 840, 000 schools have been profiled and 57, 000 plus coaching are covered under the listings of our directory”.

As an entrepreneur, Rohit believes that innovation is the soul of any business. The market is already awash with ideas and products. So, to make a mark and attract eyeballs, you need to paint a white line in the hues of red.

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