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Rohit Manglik explaining the about the future learning at Education Times

In this account, penned by the founder and CEO of EduGorilla, Rohit Manglik, a technology graduate from the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka, shares his illuminating thoughts. He shares his sagacious words on the conveniences currently availed by students of today from their online research; the roadblocks they face as the students of the 21st century; the need to move ahead from the present scenario of automation and digitization of Indian classrooms; the arrivals of robot-teachers powered from the prowess of modern technological marvel of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, etc.

An avid reader and a travel enthusiast, Rohit has also graced several webpages with his enlightening articles on issues ranging from education, technology, leadership, to e-commerce, and many more. He has also contributed by letting his words of wisdom flow. Rohit efforted to attain this through speaking opportunities he availed from spectacular events as the 11th World Education Summit held in Dubai in 2017, the VC Circle Education Investment Summit organized at Gurgaon, the Startup Fest in Hubbali, Karnataka, and similar others.

Traditionally, the sector of education has more been impervious to the modifications that could have brought it at par with the other sectors of the society, by now. And this is not only India’s narrative. The account has been the same, the world over, but agreeing more for the educational scenario in the third world countries.

It’s, therefore, an endeavor of and the, to further this cause to benefit even the last student standing in the queue of the deprived.

Moreover, The Education Times is a sister concern of the traditional offline media heavyweight the Times of India. It’s also an advocate of transformations in the Education sector. The portal, therefore, echoes and shares Rohit’s sentiments. This way, the powerful duo of and Rohit’s nurtures a yearning to bring in as many developments in the education sector, as possible.

Read, therefore, Rohit’s writeup here, to apprise yourself with the challenges and possibilities of expansion, that Indian Education Sector carries, presently. Want to know more? read here.

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