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They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes, that’s true, but people worked for it every single day. Success can’t be achieved overnight. It requires sweat, blood, patience, and perseverance.
And Rohit Manglik is a man who put in all these and carved a niche for his EdTech startup. He was not the scion of a royal empire but that of a psychologist, a psychologist from a small town of Farrukhabad. But as they say, big things usually come in small packages. Rohit always had a passion for education and the qualities of a leader. One fine day, he decided to amalgamate both, and the result was EduGorilla.
The Lucknow-based startup, EduGorilla is one of the leading marketplaces of present India successfully bridging the gap between the educationists and students. Its directory is abuzz with a detailed analysis of more than 200 career streams and 74,000+ study material. In its three-year-long journey, EduGorilla has profiled 8,00,000 plus schools and more than 57,000 coaching institutes. It counsels and guides the students and saves them from getting lost in the web of careers.
People often find the name EduGorilla a bit different and off-the-path, but a unique perception of Rohit lies behind it. Gorillas personify power, the power needed to bring change. And since Rohit wanted to change the arena of education, he crowned it with a graduation cap.
He believes that passion, patience, and perseverance are three core virtues that made him stick to his dream and helped him walk the crooked path to success. His undying efforts have made him and his startup a popular name in the system of education. Rohit has earned several recognitions from various reputed organizations and EduGorilla also secured mentions in several leading newspapers and magazines. Read the full article of Rohit Manglik at YourStory here.

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