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A job experience teaches you many things that go beyond just polishing your skill-sets. These learnings tend to be your guidelines for the upcoming times in personal and professional life.

In a chat with TimesJobs, Rohit Manglik opened up on his journey as well. He offered insights into his first job experience, the things he learned there and the virtues he inculcated during that phase.

Rohit is presently the CEO of EduGorilla, a successful EdTech startup. EduGorilla swept off the ground in 2016 and soon soared high into the entrepreneurial sky. Today, it is one of the leading marketplaces of India catering to the career needs of students. EduGorilla counts among one of the most successful startups of Uttar Pradesh as well as that of India. And Rohit owes much of this success to his job experiences.

Before EduGorilla came into existence, Rohit had worked with Oracle, Morgan Stanley, and DE Shaw. His first job was with Oracle. It taught him quite a few essentials of business and life. Oracle taught him to deal with the situations of life without compromising on ethics. He also learned virtues like patience, perseverance, and time management. Though he had his own set of struggles, Rohit learned to champion them and grow through them. He sums up all his learnings to three basic principles –

  1. Always keep your ethics high
  2. Always hire the best talent
  3. Read at least two books every month

These principles played a major part in shaping and finetuning the concept of EduGorilla. They enabled him to steer through a crowd of competitors and achieve new heights. They helped him cross the crooked pathways and reach new milestones.

Read more about Rohit’s first job at Times Job here.


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