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Rohit Manglik is a passionate educationist trying to bridge education and technology and renovate the education industry. Born in Farrukhabad, a tier III town of Uttar Pradesh, Rohit drastically changed the lives of millions of students.

According to him, education is more than schooling and acquiring knowledge, it is what survives when learning has been forgotten. And technology is the wings that will let the educational world fly farther and higher than ever before.

He envisions a world where education and technology will walk hand-in-hand and patch the voids of the Indian education system. He believes that all the stakeholders of education should be accessible to each other and there should be transparency in the academic ecosystem. His brainchild, EduGorilla follows the same line of thought. It is one of the largest counseling institutes of India that brings parents, teachers, and students on a single platform and offers in-depth knowledge and understanding of different competitive exams. EduGorilla stocks more than 30,000 free learning products including notes, questions and sample papers. It also holds the profiles of more than 57,000 coaching centers and 8,00,000 schools in its directory.

As an entrepreneur, Rohit Manglik believes that innovation, rather sole innovation is the soul of any venture. If you can’t offer a tint of white in hues of red, you won’t go far as a businessman. You need to bring a new idea to the market or refurbish a prevalent idea in such a way that was never thought of earlier. Also, patience and perseverance are the keys to succeed in the entrepreneurial world. Success never comes easily. One needs to survive through dark nights and wait for the sunshine.

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