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Another EdTech startup swept off the Indian ground in December 2016 not to fall back like others but to soar higher and higher. It was EduGorilla, one of the leading marketplaces of the day. The Lucknow-based startup began with a mission to patch the gap between educationists and students and foster healthy dialogue between them. It managed to grab the eyeballs of one and all and even raised funds from London and Dubai-based investors. EduGorilla has also been featured in leading dailies and magazines like Inc42, Your story, Times of India, etc.

And the man behind this successful business entity is an NIT graduate, Rohit Manglik. Rohit began his journey from the small town of Farrukhabad, UP and went to become one of the most successful edupreneurs of North India. When asked about his idea of launching his startup from Lucknow and not Delhi or Bangalore, Rohit commented, “You should always stay near to the ones who need you the most”. He believes that the residents of tier 2 and tier 3 cities are in a greater need of facilities than the ones living in Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai. Rohit harbors a yearning to provide the students of smaller towns the same provisions that are available to those of metros and EduGorilla was an initiative for the same.

There are three strings of advice that bound Rohit to his ambition and kept him motivated and determined. He wishes to give the same to the budding business aspirants.

One never leaves your passion. Passion is what gives a leader the courage to fulfill his vision.

Two, never ever lose hope. Hope has the power to open even the locked doors.

Three, always be open to changes. True life happens when changes occur.

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