Rohit manglik at Global Big Data Conference

Rohit Manglik At The Global Big Data Conference About EdTech Start-ups

Rohit Manglik, an NIT Surathkal graduate in technology, is the Founder, CEO, and Director of, a portal intelligently amalgamating the spheres of technology and education. Rohit endeavored to found EduGorilla to find viable solutions to the needs and adversities felt by the students in the spheres of their careers and education

Only more than three years ago from now, the amenities like cheap internet and smartphones weren’t easily available to the students, generally. Internet usage largely remained restricted to students fortunate enough to use PCs and laptops.  You needed these devices and a wired internet connection to compare different credentials and attractions of the educational and coaching institutes of your choice.

Now kindly visit the year 2016 when almost suddenly the revolution of cheap data service took mobile phone users of the country by storm. This occurrence got the company of more downfall in the prices of then dearly priced smartphones. The combo proved extremely lethal to the ignorance with which people, and particularly the students, were suffering. Now, a greater number of people were empowered to employ the offerings of the internet to their benefit. This was particularly more for the students, in general, who now could use it over their relatively cheaper smartphones.

Seizing the opportunity with open arms and having trained himself excellently in a few Fortune 500 companies of the world like DE Shaw, Oracle, etc, Rohit ultimately realized his deep yearned desire to absolve students of their stressful endeavors for their education. He incepted EduGorilla, an EdTech portal harboring tools and means to meet every need of students’ educational ecosystem. Read more about Rohit Manglik at the Global Big Data Conference here.

The website has garnered immense popularity among students, since its birth. Being a student, you can have every kind of facility to strengthen your education- from free downloadable study material relating to  various competitive exams; reading illuminating articles on these, your career paths, educational courses, etc; discussion portal of Forum to discuss along with your friends and teachers/educationists on problems with your studies; to availing the massive directory of 8,57,000 schools and coaching centers across India, and many more.

Let’s hope that this venture of Rohit finds its aim and proves a boon to the students.

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