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Think about the world bereft of the revolution of the cheap data that was only a few years ago!

Things, sadly, were relatively more oriented to be at a loss, particularly for the students, then. You had to struggle, for example, in locating even a single competent coaching institute in your locality or city, when you couldn’t avail cheap data by the rate of several gigabytes per day. Similar was the case if you wanted to find a school or a college for your higher studies, either in your city or in a foreign one

Now, return to the year 2016. The period witnessed a sea-change in the cost of internet usage when a prominent cellular network company of India instigated the downfall of the price. You could now have enjoyed exactly similar juxtaposing of amenities and credentials of different educational institutes, numbering to several hundred, if you wish!

Rohit Manglik, the founder, and CEO of, an Edtech startup, being a graduate in technology from the esteemed NIT Surathkal, Karnataka, and having worked with a few of the top 500 MNCs of the world, grabbed the opportunity to find and ultimately offer

Thus, born EduGorilla, a one-stop solution for all educational adversities and needs faced by the students and which have been mentioned above. Thus, EduGorilla was ushered more for the benefit of the students of the future.

Be it locating a competent coaching institute, school, college or university, EduGorilla being there, there is no holding back for today’s students. Moreover, the Edtech portal also guides students with their career decisions, the preparations for their first job interview and subsequent others, and many more concerns. Hence, log on to EduGorilla, to vaporize any of your educational and career-related worries.

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